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Find out what the most popular Highers are to study in high school Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Find out what the most popular Highers are to study in high school Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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IT’S never too early to learn something new, like which Scottish energy firm is being fined for making 6 million cold calls, the strangest questions people ask the internet about Scotland, and a couple other things you should know this morning.

The number of homicide victims in Scotland is at an all time low

Since the records began almost 40 years ago, data released by the Scottish Government show that 59 people died as a result of murder or culpable homicide in 2014-2015 - the lowest number in available data since 1976.

In Glasgow alone, the number of homicides have more than halved, with the figure falling by 56 per cent.

78 per cent of cases, the individual knew the victim, with males making up 91 per cent of the accused.

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Scottish energy firm has been fined for making six million cold calls

Glasgow based Home Energy & Lifestyle Management Ltd was fined after it was revealed the company made more than six million automated calls during their solar panel marketing campaign.

The Information Commissioner issued the £200,000 fine after complaints piled up, describing how they were powerless against calls or finding that calls were filling up answering machines.

The company blamed a third part film they hired to make the calls and are seeking to appeal the ruling.

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The strangest questions asked about Scotland

Yahoo! Answers has been answering questions for the past ten years, with millions of registered users asking billions of questions. And people are often curious about what it’s like in Scotland, often with some amusing responses.

Favourites include “What is Scotland like?” “Scotland is the land far in the mythic north of the British Isles. There is a settlement of barbaric natives who live amongst the misty Highland hills and only come down to hunt and ravage English citizens. This is done jubilantly to the sound of ‘och aye’ and blaring bagpipe music. The English are minced into haggis and washed down with a dram of whisky.”

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What are the most popular Higher subjects in schools?

Picking subjects at the end of S4 seems like tricky business, but some subjects are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to popularity. While the social studies are usually viewed as “soft” subjects, many of them are chosen for their broad connection to many university courses. It’s no surprise that English and Maths top the table. They are the most required Highers for further study after high school, which may also account for their rising pass rates.

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