Five sensible tips for those resolving to adopt a new look for their wardrobes in the New Year

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A commitment to overhaul your wardrobe is a perfect way to give you a New Year fillip. So here are some top tips for fashion resolutions for 2019.

1 Review what you have already

Taking a day to weed out the fashion mistakes in your wardrobe, and the clothes you never wear because they are dry clean only or no longer fit, will clear space and allow you to see what you have already and where there are gaps.

If you need office wear five days a week, or tend to don jeans and jumpers all the time, then that is what your wardrobe should reflect.

Take time to try different outfits, perhaps even snapping a picture of each, to give you an idea of what you have and which items go together.

Flicking through pictures on your phone is a much less time consuming way to decide what to wear than trying on and discarding multiple clothes in a panic when you have to dress for an occasion.

2 Think sustainability

Ethical fashion is a growing trend which encompasses design, production, retail, and purchasing.

Such conciousness covers a range of issues, such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. Embracing one or all of these issues would make for an excellent New Year resolution.

Sell clothes you no longer wear, or donate them to a charity shop or recycle your items. You could get together with friends for a clothes swap – if nothing else, one person’s laughable fashion disaster is another’s ideal fancy dress item.

3 Shop the classics

If you can envisage what your wardrobe would look if money were no object, you can start to head towards that, in however small and modest a way.

A compact collection of quality clothes which flatter is much
better than a huge range of cheap, ill-fitting items.

While it can be relatively painless to pick up a £10 top along with your supermarket shopping, if you can resist the inexpensive impulse serial buys andput in a plan to purchase a good quality item instead, it will last longer and be better value in the long run.

4 Review your uniform

We all tend to rely on the same types of clothes but nonetheless they might not be the most flattering.

When trying on clothes, take yourself out of your comfort zone and you may find a style you have not considered before.

If being fashionable is important, aim to buy for longevity but update with accessories. Stick to classic items and embellish with the season’s trends, such as a scarf or statement earrings, so your core clothes have a longer shelf life.

5 Order online sparingly

By the time you pay postage, realise something doesn’t fit and pay to return the item, it might not be as inexpensive as you think. It is often more productive to buy in person.

Most department stores offer a personal shopper service but it is just as useful to take an honest and helpful friend.

And just as you would with a food shopping list, decide beforehand what you want to buy and try to stick to it.

Trailing through fashion departments looking for inspiration without a clear idea is unlikely to reap a good buy.