Musicals and opera review: Wychwood

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This ambitious but thumpingly amateurish gothic portmanteau is the very definition of a mixed bag.

Star rating: **

Venue: theSpace on Niddry Street (Venue 9)

Set in a supposedly abandoned asylum, Wychwood House, most of the acting is excruciating and most of the stories are near incomprehensible.

The songs, however, are largely fine and occasionally decently performed but – by some miracle – the last and longest tale, about a doctor haunted by his murdered wife’s screaming skull, is actually good and features a memorable duet between the homicidal physician’s late and current wives.

It would be interesting to see what a really talented company could achieve with this material. Even so, they’d have to junk at least half of it because it’s mostly dreadful – and not in a good way.

Until 20 August. Today 1pm.

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