Dance review: Gibbon, Assembly Rooms

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One of two shows brought to this year’s Fringe by the legendary Gandini Juggling, Gibbon has a dual personality. During the slow opening, and at various points throughout the show, it attempts to create a rehearsal atmosphere.

Gibbon, Assembly Rooms (20) ***

Performers Chris Patfield and Jose Triguero chat with each other about the moves they’ve just made, what they liked or disliked, what they’ll keep or discard. They change clothes, take a brief break, illicit applause for no reason.

All of which, aside from garnering a few laughs, distracts from the incredible skill both Patfield and Triguero have worked hard to acquire.

Because each time the theatrical lights flick on, the hypnotic soundtrack kicks in, and the balls start flying, Gibbon soars along with them.

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These two men are not just proficient jugglers, they also know how to create just the right movement to perfectly illuminate their skill.

Balls are passed between them via countless body parts, and when they juggle simultaneously it’s a thing of beauty.

It’s these moments that make Gibbon well worth a visit, to watch the dynamic and clever interplay Patfield and Triguero have with balls, not words.

• Until 25 August, 1:30pm