Comedy review: Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash! (Die Roten Punkte)

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Germany’s most ­dysfunctional siblings are genuinely talented musicians and this year’s album ­Eurosmash! is an earworm-packed dancefest.

Underbelly, Cowgate


They have left Kunst Rock behind, much to Otto’s ­disappointment but the room is loving their new direction. Do You Speak Dance is an interplanetary call to the disco and if anything can unite the universe, this can.

As ever, the lyrics of a Roten Punkte song will haunt you long after the show and I can see “move those bandy legs” or “I wanna make a party in your mouth tonight” on T-shirts everywhere.

Alongside the music (and well done Hamish on the Belly Dancer sound desk, the mix was spot on), the complicated relationship between the two continues to delight.

Otto is fragile, doesn’t like “people using their outside voices inside” and his songs are, he explains, “deep”. We hear some of ­Automatic Door but are spared his Safety and Accident Prevention anthem Trying Not To Die. He is a child-man and when you hear their ­backstory (told in Rock Opera) you will understand. Astrid is a crisp-eating comedy powerhouse. She is a superb clown. Everything about her is funny. Except, of course, her tragic ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol and her predatory sexuality.

Both have cookery books out. Otto has become a vegan although the rules frequently baffle him, and Astrid’s book is more sausage -based. There is not a part of you that will not love this show. Please don’t flirt with Otto. Astrid doesn’t like it.

Until 27 August. Today 10:10pm.