Comedy review: Jake Lambert: Little Lost Lad, Pleasance Courtyard

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A reflexive mickey-taker, Jake Lambert capably wrangles his quirks and insecurities into this light but solidly entertaining debut. Though small talk-averse, he’s witty chatting to the front row and has an Australian girlfriend struggling to socialise him.

Jake Lambert: Little Lost Lad, Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) ***

Cursed with a photographic memory recalling what he ate on any given date, he exploits it for callback gags sprinkled liberally throughout this hour, at the heart of which is him living alone for the first time. Flaunting his freedom to amuse himself, crime is nevertheless quickly visited upon him. Here, as on every occasion, he’s an inveterate quipster, as inclined to joke with the police as he is to prank his family and friends.

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He has particular fun corrupting his nieces, but there are some telling, throwaway gags about a difficult relationship with his parents, affording the show its title but skated over frustratingly quickly. His domestic fussiness has shades of Jon Richardson, no bad thing, save for occasional similarity of delivery. And he often caps a good line with “you’re welcome!” or “why not?” – a tic, once recognised, hard to ignore. Regardless, Lambert’s cheeky-but-vulnerable persona ingratiates, even if it’s no doubt maddening for his girlfriend.

• Until 26 August, 6pm