Comedy review: Elf Lyons: Chiffchaff, Pleasance Dome

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Elf Lyons: Chiffchaff, Pleasance Dome (Venue 23) ****

Not just to use the idea as a hook and then to do a show about all the usual stuff, but to find an hour of hilarity in fiscal policy and economics.

Elf Lyons is a uniquely talented comedian and she takes funny to places no one else does, to places no one else even knows. Her onstage persona shifts and morphs from little girl to stentorian disciplinarian but her default setting is enchanting. Her father’s advice is almost totemic in the show and the weird and wonderful decorations she applies to it, the intricate works she carves out of it are what fascinate and delight us for an hour.

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There is unexpectable laughter in this show and so much odd fun and surreal silliness that you simply have to give in and let the crazy lady in the sparkly dress make you giggle. There are show tunes and Olivia Newton John, charades and inflatable economists, a cuddly lion, some interpretive dance and even little pockets of sound economic advice. Who knew we have all been doing the wrong thing when life gives us lemons?

From her childhood through her dreams to releasing her inner animal, Elf Lyons has created a glorious comedy experience out of an hour in our lives. I now know what stagflation is, I have seen a new way to eat a banana and, I believe economic theory can be beautiful. Elf, your father must be so proud of you.

• Until 27 August, 6:50pm