Children’s show review: Small Laces

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: This show is billed as “a mini concert for mini humans”, and that pretty much sums it up.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)


Four-piece band, The Small Laces, on bass guitar, lead guitar, keyboard, percussion and vocals, are a tight ensemble with more than their share of exuberance – even in the face of crying toddlers.

Which, to be fair, isn’t their target audience. The band’s original songs have been written squarely for the primary school market – more specifically four to 10 year olds, before children get too cool for school.

The subject matters are fun with a serious message, fun with a silly message, or just plain silly. One song explores the various ways that cleverness manifests itself (not just through maths and English), empowering those who may feel left behind. Another nails the embarrassment/excitement of bumping into your teacher in the supermarket.

All the songs are delivered as if The Small Laces themselves were children – so with their young audience, not at them, which is a nice touch. The group call themselves “musical comedians”, but in truth it’s the musicianship and songwriting that shines through here. And if you’ve got any under 10s in the back of your car, a Small Laces CD will have the whole family singing along.

Until 27 August. Today 12:45pm.