Dance, physical theatre and circus review: Bang! To the Heart

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Nobody could accuse Milan’s NUE Dance Company of slacking.

Star rating: ***

Venue: ZOO Southside (Venue 82)

It’s clear that an incredible amount of hard work has gone into producing this mash-up of streetdance, graffiti art and original music. Perhaps a bit too much. Because if there’s one thing this busy show needs, it’s room to breathe.

There’s rivalry and conflict galore, as two gangs square up to each other for reasons unknown. There’s also love and romance, which runs into trouble – again for reasons unknown. In short, the Bang! To the Heart narrative is as confused as the punctuation in the show’s title.

This is a shame, because there’s still much to enjoy here – namely some very athletic and well-executed dancing. The choreography is dynamic, if a little too reliant on jumping on and off the moveable structures.

But at times it’s fighting a losing battle against the multiple layers of digital technology, which not only form a backdrop to the action, but flank each side of the stage, too.

If you’re looking for subtlety or believability, you won’t find it here. But if you want big (10 dancers), brashy, colourful and lots and lots of stuff going on, tuck in.

Until 28 August. Today 10:20pm.

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