Comedy review: Micky Overman: Role Model, Pleasance Courtyard

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As a nanny to a privileged 13-year-old girl, Micky Overman has lately found herself in the position of role model, a calling she’s far from comfortable with.

Micky Overman: Role Model, Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) ***

Starkly contrasting her parents’ nauseatingly happy marriage, the well-travelled, UK-based Dutch comic has experienced some disastrous relationships.

Thankfully, she’s not bashful about sharing them. From the dramatic loss of her virginity to an inexplicable tendency to stay with men after they’ve dumped her – and, in one instance, moved across the globe – it’s fair to say that Overman has some regrets.

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Her nomadic love life has, however, given her a solid amount of wry perspective. So while she can’t help herself, she’s pragmatically witty and forthright about love and sex in general, chiding prudish Brits for their aversion to intercourse during the menstrual cycle.

Still, her duty of responsibility to her young charge seems to weigh heavy and genuinely scare her. And there’s a touching end to the show that veers away from excessive sentimentality.

Candid and instantly likeable, Overman is a redoubtable talent, claiming to be behind the curve with UK cultural references, despite having already developed extremely funny insights into girl bands and Jamie Oliver.

• Until 26 August, 10:30pm