Anger over Mango kilt lift advert

The Mango ad campaign features model Jeanne Dumas peeking up Howie Nicholsby's kilt.
The Mango ad campaign features model Jeanne Dumas peeking up Howie Nicholsby's kilt.
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An advert for a clothing brand filmed in Scotland has sparked controversy after it features a model peeking up a man's kilt.

Critics have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority over the ad for Mango, which is filmed in Scotland and features rural scenes, as well as sections filmed in Edinburgh and North Berwick.

The video features Parisian "it girl" Jeanne Damas on a trip through Scotland. The controversy comes as she walks past a man standing on the street - who is none other than well-known Edinburgh kiltmaker Howie Nicholsby - and lifts the kilt to peek underneath.

Viewers on social media expressed their anger at the advert.

Suzy Melamed wrote on Facebook: "So odd that in a world where we campaign against ‘upskirting’ and (rightly) consider having their skirt lifted to be sexual harassment, that a woman looking up a man’s kilt is shown as playful and jokey."

Claire Read added: "Mango-are you really condoning lifting up stranger’s skirts?! It’s not acceptable, whether it’s a lady’s skirt or a guy’s kilt. It’s a really nice film apart from that shot, which sends a worrying message and legitimises that behaviour. If you don't think casual scenes of sexual harassment are acceptable, you can complain to the ASA. Lifting up someone's dress, skirt or kilt is totally not OK!"

Emma Payne said: "Shocking that this was included and nobody at some point has thought that it's not appropriate!"

The video is broadcast along with the catchline: "Discover Jeanne Damas’ trip in which her Parisian roots fit perfectly with the Scottish way of life."

Mango has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it had received one complaint about the advert and would assess it in due course.