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The latest episode of Outlander reveals how the main characters Jamie and Claire Fraser, played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, will die. PIC: Jason Bell/Starz.

Outlander Season 4 Episode 4 - domestic bliss and death plots

Claire Fraser can’t stop smiling, Jamie Fraser can’t stop smiling and neither can young Ian Murray as the Outlander plot moves the family to their new land at Fraser’s Ridge in North Carolina.

There is an air of domestic bliss as the three start felling trees, fishing for trout and mapping out their cabins among the 10,000 acres granted to them by the British Government.

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The land comes with such an amazing view that unease over the neighbouring Cheroke, who are not happy with the arrival of the new colonists, simply evaporate into the North Carolina air.

On a suggestion that they should perhaps move their new homestead, Jamie is adamant he is not giving up the spot. “The mountain spoke to me,” he says.

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Moving on and Jamie manages to win over his Native American neighbours by killing an outcast who raped a woman. I

It is enough to earn the Highlander the name Bear Killer, so that difficult subject of colonisation can be broadly leapfrogged as the factions decide to live in peace and spill no blood between them.

So far, so Outlander.

Back to the 1970s and Roger Wakefield is still smarting over his rather embarrassing proposal to Brianna which saw him drink a couple of drams and become deeply offensive to the woman he supposedly loves.

Roger is suddenly a deeper, trickier character than previously alluded to with Season 4 likely to test this man to the maximum.

He a potential way back into Briana’s heart when he is sent a pile of documents that prove Claire and Jamie - Brianna’s parents - did indeed meet up in the 18th Century after a spot of time travel.

Unfortunately, Roger also finds out that the Claire and Jamie die in a house fire at Fraser’s Ridge with the date of the tragedy not yet clear.

It could be soon, it could be far into the future. It serves as a nifty plot device to keep watching with the writers also laying a couple of other major seeds to keep the story moving.

Claire is told by a native American of the forthcoming death of someone close while we now know Briana is heading to Scotland.

There are irons in the fire but it doesn’t feel like Outlander 4 is burning bright. Not yet, at least.


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