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Whisky honouring Jacobean princess going for £125 a bottle

A WHISKY blended from Scotch and Dutch single malts, honouring a long-forgotten princess, is being sold for £125 a bottle.


Singer joins Dunfermline Abbey tribute to Robert the Bruce

A new play with a cameo appearance by a Scottish singing star will be premiered to mark the discovery of the remains of Robert the Bruce at Dunfermline Abbey 200 years ago.

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Crime scene photos of murder that shocked Aberdeen go public

Crime scene photos of murder that shocked Aberdeen go public

It’s a photograph of an old tenement room like any other with its recessed bed, heavy furniture and clothes drying from a line stretched across the ceiling.

The Mill as it stands now. Picture: Geograph/Wikimedia Commons

Windmill restoration project wins share of £1.2m funding

A trust which plans to bring an 18th century windmill into community ownership is among eight projects sharing £1.2 million in financial support.


In pictures: 15 photos that will make you nostalgic for Edinburgh in the 1990s

Growing up in Edinburgh in the 1990s was as awesome as it gets.

Edinburgh, Fife & Lothians

In pictures: Outlander cast and crew head to Fife

The cast and crew of hit show Outlander have returned to Culross in Fife to shoot new scenes for Season 4 of the hit show.

Village Bay,  St Kilda, the main settlement on Hirta. PIC: Ian Rutherford/TSPL.

What it’s like living on St Kilda

Craig Stanford, 26, is an archaeologist for the National Trust for Scotland on St Kilda, the archipelago that sits around 40 miles from its nearest neighbours in the Outer Hebrides.

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In pictures: 16 signs that Spring has sprung around Scotland

Spring is on its way with hints of warmer, longer and lighter days in the air.

The Second World War Commander General Stanislaw Maczek leaving Edinburgh on his 80th birthday.

Edinburgh statue will honour Polish war hero General Stanislaw Maczek

A statue honouring a Polish war hero will be erected in the Capital.


In pictures: 9 things you miss about Scotland when you move abroad

Thousands of people leave Scotland every year as a new life calls elsewhere - but there will always be things to miss about home.


Gunpowder store to be revived as part of £500m marina project

A derelict 19th century 
gunpowder store is to be brought back to life as part 
of a £500 million marina development in Edinburgh.

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Barclay Price at William Macao's grave

Study reveals details of first Chinese citizen who became a Scotsman

He is a largely forgotten figure from the nation’s history books – despite being the first recorded Chinese citizen to start a new life in Scotland.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in season 3 of Outlander. PIC: Sony Pictures Television 2018.

Outlander cast and crew return to Ayrshire village

The Outlander cast and crew will return to a picturesque Ayrshire village next month to film scenes for season 4 of the time travelling romance.

Castle Moil on Skye was hit by lightning. PIC: Creative Commons.

Lightning strikes 15th Century castle on Isle of Skye

A bolt of lightning has destroyed part of 15th Century Castle Moil on the Isle of Skye.

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Charles Edward Stuart and Jacobite supporter Lady Anne Mackintosh, who ordered the Rout of Moy. PICS: Creative Commons.

The failed plot to seize Bonnie Prince Charlie

With the Hanoverians trying to seize Bonnie Prince Charlie as he re-entered the Highlands, a bold blacksmith was sent to intercept the government men as they edged towards a Jacobite hideout near Inverness.

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In pictures: Cruachan, the beer drinking army pony

Cruachan IV made headlines this week for trying to nibble Prince Harry’s fingers but his predecessors were just as lively and remembered for drinking beer and biting through The Queen’s glove.


Dunfermline celebrates discovery of Robert the Bruce remains

He was Scotland’s greatest “Warrior King” and the discovery of his skeleton by workmen in a vault in the grounds of Dunfermline Abbey – the former capital of Scotland and the resting place of many kings and queens – created a sensation around the world.

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The Falkirk Wheel

Scots landmarks on list of civil engineering accomplishments

A trio of Scottish landmarks have made a list of 200 of the top achievements in civil engineering, according to an industry body.

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Locals leaving the church on Hirta, the main island in the archipelego of St Kilda, at the turn of the 20th Century. PIC: Donald Macleod/TSPL.

The bizarre wedding day of the Queen of St Kilda

Ann Ferguson was hailed the Queen of St Kilda in the late 19th Century given she was the most handsome woman on the islands yet to marry.


Isle of May revealed as centre of Pict medicine

A Scottish island which is now chiefly home to sea birds, seals and tourists has been revealed as a centre for medicine in early medieval Scotland, according to experts.

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