Historic Events

Historic Events

Leader comment: We should remember Scottish Nationalist polar explorer

William Speirs Bruce didn’t die heroically after reaching the South Pole like Captain Scott and didn’t get his ship stuck in the ice, forcing him to make an epic sea journey like Shackleton.

The US flag being held by an American survivor at a mass funeral on Islay was hand- sewn by women on the island. It is now at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Home-made American flag marking tragedy returns to Scottish island

An American flag hand-stitched by a group of Islay women so it could be flown at a mass burial of US troops killed in a devastating torpedo attack is to return to the island to mark the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

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The Brough Superior 981cc SS100 has fetched almost 265,000 pounds at auction

Vintage bike used to fight crime in Edinburgh bought for £265,000

A vintage police motorbike once used to pursue criminals through Edinburgh’s streets has been sold at auction for almost £265,000.

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How well do you know Scotland's Jacobite past (Photo: Getty)

Quiz: How well do you know Scottish Jacobite history?

It has been 272 years since the Jacobite cause was brutally crushed at the Battle of Culloden.

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Renovation work on the Ross Fountain, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland 13/04/18

Restoration work going swimmingly at Edinburgh’s Ross Fountain

Progress on Edinburgh’s Ross Fountain restoration has seen the city’s resident mermaid population increase by eight.

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Historic slaughterhouse found under Grassmarket by developers

Remains of Edinburgh’s historic cattle market have been discovered buried beneath the site of a nightclub knocked down to make way for a new multi-million pound development.

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Outer Hebrides

Lottery cash puts heritage centre stage

Nine projects win grants totalling £2.4m from Great Place Scheme

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'Mobile Poppy' roadshow to tour Scotland to spread message of remembrance

'Mobile Poppy' roadshow to tour Scotland to spread message of remembrance

An 18-tonne “Moving Poppy” will take tales of remembrance on tour around Scotland under a £750,000 project to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.
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A ruined croft near Crossbost on the Isle of Lewis (Picture: Ian Rutherford)

Brian Wilson: Highland Clearances must not be erased from history

I was in Portree this week for the funeral of the artist Tommy Mackenzie, whose wonderful etchings of the Skye landscape adorn the walls of homes and offices around the world.

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Ayrshire christening robe that will go on display in Dundee's V&A museum

Centuries-old christening robe on show at Dundee’s V&A museum

It is a surviving symbol of a once-thriving industry needlework industry in the west coast of Scotland.

Dundee & Tayside
German prisoners-of-war at Stobs internment camp in the Scottish Borders perform a  scene from Die Frankfurter.''PICTURE: Jake Coltman

Exhibition on First World War internment camps in Scotland

The life led by German prisoners-of-war in internment camps in Scotland during the First World War is to be re-created in a £100,000 project in the Scottish Borders.

Soldiers in the Cape Town Highlanders in their regimental kilts. Photograph: Getty

Call to honour Scots expats who died in forgotten World War I battle

It was described by none other than John Buchan as a remarkable show of valour and self-sacrifice which saved the Allies from near disaster on the bloody expanse of the Western Front.

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A series of unpublished letters from a Private who died in the First World War are set to be auctioned

Rare letters from World War One veteran up for auction

An unpublished archive of letters written from the trenches in the First World War is expected to fetch up to £5,000 at auction.

Islay pays tribute to World War I dead

Islay pays tribute to World War I dead

The residents of a Hebridean island where hundreds of troops perished during one of the worst wartime tragedies in Scotland’s seas have gathered to pay tribute to the dead.

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Three cars crushed by fallen masonry in Bruntsfield Gardens after the January gales in Edinburgh in 1968. Picture: TSPL

Hurricane Low Q whipped up trail of death, damage and despair

Fifty years ago this weekend Hurricane Low Q whipped through Scotland’s Central Belt at 104mph, leaving behind a tragic trail of death, damage and despair.

Edinburgh, Fife & Lothians
Klaus Forster, 80 (third from the right) and four generations of his family from Germany attended the memorial site at Hare Hill, Pentlands where his father, a Luftwaffe bomber pilot, died when his aircraft crashed in August 1943

Family pays respects to German pilot killed in historic Pentlands plane crash

The family of a Luftwaffe pilot killed when his plane crashed in Scotland 75 years ago have visited Scotland to pay their respects to him.

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Oberstleutnant Fritz F�rster was killed when his Luftwaffe bomber crashed in the Pentlands in 1943

Leader comment: We should grieve the deaths of old enemies

Seventy-five years ago, four people died on what was to them a foreign field. It was the Second World War, they were German and the Luftwaffe had sent them on a mission to bomb Leith Docks.

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Thoren Ferguson plays the Jacobite violin. Photograph: Neil Hanna

Fiddles made from native trees set history to music

A self-taught Scottish violin- maker has vowed to honour Scotland’s history and famous figures by making a violin from trees in locations connected to their story.

A recreation of the royal stronghold of Rheged at  Dumfries and Galloway. PIC GUARD Archaeology.

5 amazing archaeological finds made in Scotland in 2017

From a lost Dark Age kingdom to a big nosed Pictish warrior, its been a good year for those seeking to piece together information on Scotland’s past.

Here we look at 5 of the best finds made during 2017.

Charles MacLaren, co-founder and co-editor of The Scotsman from 1817.

Allan McLean: The Scot who found Troy and predicted railways

A lot of people have heard of Heinrich Schliemann, the discoverer of Homeric Troy. But not so many know of the Scot who beat Schliemann to it.

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