The seven bloodiest battles in Scottish history

In the days when Scotland was an independent nation, pitched conflict was a regular occurrence, with scores of bloody wars, major battles and minor skirmishes taking place prior to and after the Act of Union in 1707.

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St Andrews took its name in the 9th Century but was named after a legendary monk from Greece before then. PIC: Contributed.

8 Scottish towns and villages that changed their names

Scotland’s place named have rich and varied origins, but not all have stayed the same.

Here we look at eight towns and villages that changed their names - and why.

Haggis, whisky and tartan; these are all Scottish, right? Picture: iStock

7 things associated with Scotland that aren’t actually Scottish

CULTURAL items such as the kilt, whisky and haggis are instantly identifiable as icons of Scotland throughout the world. But just how many of these so-called Scottish icons have been appropriated from elsewhere? The answer may surprise you.

Tom Bailey (left) and Ben Weeks (right) on the summit of  An Sgurr on Eigg the night before they discovered the bones. PIC: Contributed.

Walkers who found Eigg skeleton saddened by cave discovery

Two walkers who first discovered bones from the skeleton of a teenager likely killed during a 16th Century clan massacre said they had been saddened by their find.

The Hanging Tree at Clifton in Cumbria, where a dozen Scots supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie died. Photograph: John Black

Jacobite leader in fight over battlefield roundabout plan

A move to “reclaim” land where Jacobite soldiers are believed to be buried has begun after developers turned the site into a roundabout.


6 of Scotland’s bloodiest clan battles

There was no shortage of blood spilled as Scotland’s ancient clans fought for reputation, wealth, territory and survival with countless lives lost as a result.

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