Baby girl called River Tay 'baptised' in Dundee waters

The River Tay at Dundee. PIC: Colin Hall/Pixabay.
The River Tay at Dundee. PIC: Colin Hall/Pixabay.
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A baby girl called River Tay has been 'baptised' in the waters she was named after.

Anthony Jackson, 26, and his partner Rebecca Larkin, 21, travelled 300 miles north from their home in Bolton for the ceremony,

They dipped River Tay in the water at Broughty Castle along with her twin brother Tony.

Caroline Wallace, 46, the twins' grandmother, later said: "Anthony was born at Ninewells and he's clearly proud of the fact he is from Dundee.

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"When he said he was going to call her River Tay I was on the verge of tears. I'm a very proud Dundonian.

"River Tay was okay at first. But as soon as her toes were in the water she was cold - and then when the first wave hit her she made a bit of a noise.

"It was worth it to say she was in the Tay though and we took photos with the castle in the background.

"They haven't been baptised properly or anything - this was just for us.."

Anthony, who wore a kilt for the occasion, left Dundee when he was six.