These mid 19th century photographs of Edinburgh will transport you back in time.

Vintage Edinburgh: 14 Astonishing photos of Edinburgh taken in the middle of the 19th century

These are among the most incredible and historically important images of Edinburgh ever captured – and they were saved from almost certain destruction over 70 years ago.

Pioneering photographer Thomas Vernon Begbie produced more than 400 glass plate negatives of Edinburgh from the late 1850s onwards when photography was still in its infancy.

The astonishing collection, which includes a large variety of stereo views taken all over the city, was discovered in a house in St James’ Square in 1950, where Begbie was born 110 years earlier. Had Begbie’s cache of images not been uncovered, they would've likely been destroyed a decade later when three sides of St James’ Square were demolished.

Begbie’s images were later gifted to the City of Edinburgh by Stanley Cavaye and the collection of glass negatives are currently held at the City Art Centre.

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