Nostalgia: Royal memories

CROWDS packed the streets stretching as far as the eye could see down The Mound and on to Princes Street.

They waited patiently as excitement grew. It started with a whisper, then a shout and a cheer as someone in the crowd caught a glimpse of the elaborate procession.

In the days before 24/7 media, the visit of the new Queen to Edinburgh in June 1953 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many.

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Our main picture shows the royal procession winding its way through the sparkling, flag-lined streets.

Above, onlookers peer down as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Edinburgh Castle for the traditional ceremony of presenting the sovereign with the key.

Meanwhile, crowds also gathered at Murrayfield where Her Majesty and the duke spent two hours watching a display and pageant arranged in her honour.

The Evening News reported the “most picturesque of the scenes” presented was the “floral pageant and rose dance, in which 1000 schoolchildren took part in dresses of every colour of the rainbow”.

Other highlights included a demonstration by the RAF Police Dog Training Centre while a group of Sea Cadets showed off their skills. A “thrilling” Royal Navy helicopter display was received so well “the applause might well have brought the rain down”.

While the royal couple would delight the crowds by travelling through the streets of the Capital in an open-topped carriage, they would be left in no doubt as to the affection in which they were held.

Shops and business took part in the celebrations with red, white and blue decorations, as our picture from the east end of Princes Street shows.