Nostalgia: Murrayfield of dreams

SCOTTISH rugby fans will be bringing their flags out of storage to cheer on their side for the opening of the Six Nations this 

As Scotland and England clash at Twickenham Stadium, fans will either be flocking south of the Border or to their local pubs to cheer on their national side.

Whether watching from the Capital or from down south, Scottish fans will be hoping for a repeat of the Scotland versus England international at Murrayfield in 1971.

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The match was held to commemorate the centenary of the first international between Scotland and England.

The Scottish side won 26-6 against their rivals, with huge celebrations taking place afterwards.

Another happy memory for Scottish rugby was the time the Queen met players before the

Scotland vs England Calcutta Cup match back in February 1976.

Player Ian McLauchlan – better known as “Mighty Mouse” – was captured on camera greeting Her Majesty on the pitch before the Five Nations tournament.

Sadly, however, Scotland is not renowned for being full of such happy memories when it comes to rugby.

Fans will remember Scotland’s defeat against France during the 1976 Five Nations at Murrayfield in January.

Lions Rampant and Saltires were out in force as Scottish fans cheered on their side, but the French team achieved a 13-8 victory.

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During another Scotland versus France match, in January 1972, trouble erupted when the crowd surged onto the pitch in an invasion after John Frame’s last try for Scotland.