Nostalgia: Catching the Capital on camera

THE sight of Ewan McGregor running full pelt down Princes Street is one of the most iconic film images of the 90s.

Battle of the Sexes was filmed in Edinburgh in 1959 - stars Peter Sellers and Constance Cummings with a spinning wheel at Arthur's Seat (which doubled for the Western Isles in the film!)

From Trainspotting to Sunshine on Leith, Film Edinburgh has found settings within the Capital for some of the biggest films of the last quarter of a century.

As Scotland’s oldest film office, which is this month celebrating 25 years in the spotlight, it now responds to filmmaker inquiries from all over the world as it hunts for suitable locations to ensure the Capital is always firmly placed on the film map.

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Of course, Edinburgh has been providing stunning locations for actors long before Film Edinburgh got involved.

Mr Dunn and his Afghan hounds taking part in the Evening News Charity Walk in December 1975

Peter Sellers and Constance Cummings found out exactly that when they filmed Battle of the sexes in the city in 1959.

Offering outstanding scenery such as Arthur’s Seat, the Capital doubled for the Western Isles in the film.

Actors filming a BBC period drama in February 1977 experienced the authenticity the Old Town has to offer when they shot scenes in Parliament Square.

Edinburgh played host to the premier of the Greyfriars Bobby film in 1961 – one of many films made about the Capital’s most famous dog.

BBC TV programme being filed at St Giles in Parliament Square Edinburgh, February 1977. A Lothian Region bus goes past in the background

The Skye terrier who played the title role attended the premier at the Caley Cinema on Lothian Road.

The narrow confines of Fleshmarket Close became a film location in February, 1986.

The BBC renamed the Halfway House Pub The Wee Man when filming Peter McDougall’s play Shoot for the Sun, which starred Brian Cox, pictured.

Edinburgh Castle is – understandably – no stranger to camera crews, with Sutherland’s Law just one of many shoots to take place there.

The Skye terrier dog who played Greyfriars Bobby at the premier of the film Greyfriars Bobby in the Caley Cinema Lothian Road Edinburgh in July 1961 (date checked)