The influence of Robert Burns' works can be felt all over the world as his legacy carries on strongly to this day.

Robert Burns: 14 Inspirational quotes and lines from the Scottish poet that still apply today

Even hundreds of years after his passing, the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns continues to inspire and entertain fans worldwide with his incredible works.

Robert Burns is considered one of Scotland’s national treasures as the legendary poet wrote hundreds of poems and songs during his lifetime which are still celebrated and discussed to this day.

An exquisite detail of his works is the inclusion of the Scots language throughout them, for example ‘Auld Lang Syne’ translated to ‘Old Long Since’, and this unique feature separates his poetry from many other authors.

With Burns Night just around the corner our homes will soon be graced by delicious plates of haggis, and so it’s the perfect time to celebrate our famous Scottish bard and his timeless works.

Here are 25 of Rabbie’s most inspirational quotes and entertaining lines.

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