Mispronounced Scottish Place Names: 15 Scottish place names people get wrong (and how to pronounce them)

Knowing that Milngavie isn’t “miln-gavvy” or Sauchiehall isn’t “saw-che-hall” may seem normal for locals, but for visitors of Scotland these place names are - understandably - hard to pronounce on a first try.

From Auchtermuchty in Fife to Auchenshuggle in Glasgow, Scottish place names feature a striking difference between how they’re spelt and how they’re spoken.

Why? It all comes down to our Gaelic heritage.

Place names reflect Gaelic’s dominance in Scotland up until the 12th century, before these names were later adapted to the English-speaking world e.g., “Glaschu” which became Glasgow.

Rest assured, it’s not only tourists who get mixed up and it’s okay to get things wrong because we all do.

Therefore, to help everyone out, here’s 15 Scottish place names that people always say wrong, and how to pronounce them correctly.

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