Looking back at Edinburgh's slightly creepy Dolls' Hospital

A unique hospital in Edinburgh treated thousands of dolls and teddies for owners all over the city.

A teddy after it was treated.

Launched in 1984, The Dolls’ Hospital on Dundas Street dealt with around 50 to 60 patients at any one time. Before it moved venue in 2004, then manager Geraldine Elliott told the Evening News: "We’ve never lost a patient."

The shop opened in 1984. Picture: JPIMEDIA

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Dolls' Hospital. Picture: JPIMEDIA
The Dundas Street shop. Picture: JPIMEDIA
Dolls' Hospital. Picture: JPIMEDIA
There were always lots of patients to treat. Picture:
Sherry Elliot repunches the doll's hair.
The hospital was opened in the 80s.
The Dundas Street shop was popular.
As well as treating patients, the hospital also made teddies and dolls.
Families could visit their toys once they had been treated.
The shop had up to 50 patients at any one time.
The hospital moved location in 2004.
Dolls and teddies alike were treated with care.