Sir Billy Connolly (the 'Big Yin') turns 80 today, he was born on November 24, 1942.

Billy Connolly’s 80th Birthday: 80 of the Big Yin’s funniest jokes and one liners in celebration of the Scottish legend

Billy Connolly - known affectionately in Scotland as ‘The Big Yin’ - celebrates his 80th birthday today, and in appreciation of this national treasure we’ve collected some of his greatest jokes and one-liners over the years.

Artist, singer, actor and much-loved comedian Sir Billy Connolly is an international superstar and considered a national treasure by Scots who are celebrating his huge milestone of turning 80 today, November 24.

From dominating the music scene to packing the patter with comedy shows that have left global audiences crying with laughter, the Big Yin has no shortage of talent and acts as an inspiration given he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013 yet continued to boast an incredible career and even become knighted by 2017.

Now, aside from being hilarious himself he has also teamed up with the BBC as a mentor offering young comedians tips for a successful career - a true gentleman and a scholar.

In celebration of Sir Billy Connolly and his 80th birthday, here are 80 of his finest jokes, one liners and quips over his epic career. Happy birthday Big Yin! (Disclaimer: adult humour is contained in this list... naturally.)

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