Balamory 20th anniversary: Where are the Balamory stars now? Will the show return? 'Miss Hoolie' comments

Andrew Agnew and Julie Wilson Nimmo (PC Plum and Miss Hoolie) recently went on This Morning to mark 20 years since the hit kids show Balamory was released. The event has fans asking if the show could return, and more importantly, where are the beloved tenants of Balamory’s colourful houses now?

It’s been 20 years since the famous kids show Balamory made its debut on BBC. A generation of 90s kids were introduced to beloved characters like PC Plum and Miss Hoolie, learning ‘what’s the story’ in the Isle of Mull’s main village Tobermory with its iconically colourful houses.

Recently, the two joined the This Morning show on ITV to talk to Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes about the show’s impact since 2002 where it ran for 253 episodes until 2005. The two confirmed they would be up for starring in new episodes of Balamory, but there are no plans for now.

Now, fans are asking what happened to Balamory’s quirky cast of characters.Essentially, what’s the story for the cast of Balamory, wouldn’t you like to know?

To celebrate 20 years of Balamory, here’s a rundown of the show’s spectacular cast and where they’ve been since.

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