Bad weather blamed for £60,000 losses at former home of Sir Walter Scott

A sub-zero start to the year contributed to losses of more than £60,000 at the former home of Sir Walter Scott, the trust which cares for the property has announced.

Increased maintenance costs at Abbotsford House in the Borders during the winter months added greatly to overall losses of £62,566 for 2018.Plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall in December and January resulted in burst pipes and snow plough fees.It's understood that fewer people using Abbotsford House as a wedding and event venue also impacted on the fiscal performance of the estate.However, the Abbotsford Trust, which manages the 200-year-old estate, says an increase in visitor numbers and a rise in donations this year have helped improve the charity's finances.

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Abbotsford House on 25,000 visits since revamp
Abbotsford House suffered increased maintenance costs last winter. Picture: JPIMedia

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Sir Walter Scott occupied the property in the 19th century.