28 words and phrases you'll know if your grandpa is from Scotland

If you've grown up in Scotland or have relatives from here, then you might have heard a few of these words and phrases.

Picture: Pixabay
Picture: Pixabay

There are many words that have different meanings and some phrases which have been handed down the generations. If you've been asked what's wrong with your coupon or called Skinny Malinky Longlegs then read on for what these mean.

To mix together or to mingle.

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I'll give you a slap on the ear!
What's meant to be will come to pass.
Turn of phrase, when you have been talking about someone and they appear.
Saving a small amount soon builds up.
Means your trousers are a bit short like a flag flying at half mast, marking a death.
Stay calm, don't get upset.
Maybe yes, maybe no - undecided.
A mess.
False teeth.
Be quiet.
Expressing exasperation when someone won't take sound advice.
Slow down, take your time
My head is sore.
Dont do that.
Youre off your head - a bit daft.
Away and boil your head. Go away and stop being silly.
Usually referring to when the weather is miserable.
To look pale.
Bad-tempered, ill-natured (often used to describe unruly animals).
Im fed up.
Tangled up
Absolutely useless.
To go away.
We are having a really good chat.