21 words you'll know if your granny is from Scotland

Does your granny ever tell you to stop looking so glaikit, offer to make you a piece or talk about going to the baths?

Help your granny to keep old Scots words alive. (Picture: Shutterstock)
Help your granny to keep old Scots words alive. (Picture: Shutterstock)

There are plenty of words and phrases commonly used by older generations of Scots that are falling out of fashion among younger people. Here are some of the most common ones.

Skite Meaning: To strike an object with a glancing blow.Example: I’ll skite you across the ear if you don’t pay attention.

The baths Meaning: Swimming pool.Example: I’m just going to the baths for a swim.

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    Help your granny to keep old Scots words alive. (Picture: Shutterstock)

    The dancin’Meaning: Going to a dance hall. Example: I met your grandpa at the dancin’ back in 1969.

    ThonMeaning: That, yon, indicating something more distant in place or time.Example: My grandson is sitting another of thon exams next week.

    ClypeMeaning: To tell tales about or inform against someone or be a person who tells tales or informs against someone.Example: Eleanor clyped on her pal to the teacher. She’s a real wee clype!

    The messagesMeaning: The shopping. Example: I’ll get the messages when I’m in the town.

    The New Victoria Cinema at Surgeons' Hall, Edinburgh, would have been referred to as 'the pictures' in times gone by. (Picture: TSPL)

    FooterMeaning: To fidget or fumble.Example: Stop footerin about, you!

    GlaikitMeaning: Stupid, foolish and thoughtless person or action.Example: Don’t just stand there lookin’ glaikit!

    DrookitMeaning: Drenched, soaked through.Example: You’re drooket after being out in that torrential rain.

    BahookieMeaning: A person’s bottom.Example: Sit down on your bahookie and behave!

    Swimming pools in Scotland were commonly referred to as "the baths". (Picture: TSPL)

    KeekMeaning: Look or peek.Example: Take a wee keek at the scones I made, but don’t eat any!

    StookieMeaning: A plaster cast for a broken bone.Example: He’s got a stookie on after breaking his arm.

    PieceMeaning: A sandwich.Example: I’ve got a cheese piece for my lunch.

    SleekitMeaning: Sneaky. Example: That lassie can’t be trusted - she’s awful sleekit.

    HirpleMeaning: Limp, stumble.Example: Yer daddy is hirpling about after his fall.

    JingsMeaning: Exclamation of surprise, damn it.Example: Jings, I can’t believe Henry is in the court files of the paper again!

    Coorie inMeaning: Snuggle, nestle.Example: Come here and coorie in, you look cold.

    StoaterMeaning: Anything of good quality.Example: That goal was a stoater!

    Yonder Meaning: In the distance.Example: See that man over yonder?

    SkelpMeaning: Smack, hit.Example: I'll give you a skelp if you don't do what you're told.

    The picturesMeaning: The cinema.Example: Me and your granny went to the pictures for our first date.