Will there be a clap for carers tonight? Why the NHS applause has ended - and how to continue showing your support

The weekly NHS applause, Clap For Our Carers, took place for 10 weeks and allowed people to say thank you to key workers throughout the ongoing coronavirus crisis

But Thursday (28 May) marked the last Clap For Our Carers event.

Here’s what you should know about why the event ended.

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The weekly NHS applause, Clap For Our Carers, has been taking place every Thursday at 8pm throughout the coronavirus lockdown, allowing people to say thank you to key workers (Photo: Shutterstock)
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What was the Clap For Our Carers campaign?

The Clap For Our Carers, or #clapforourcarers, campaign saw people throughout the UK applaud NHS workers, delivery drivers, shop workers and other key workers from the doorsteps, balconies or windows of their homes each week.

It offered people the chance to say thank you to key workers during the pandemic, and helps unite communities in their support.

The campaign website said: “Healthcare workers, emergency services, armed services, delivery drivers, shop workers, teachers, waste collectors, manufacturers, postal workers, cleaners, vets, engineers and all those who are out there making an unbelievable difference to our lives in these challenging times… bravo, you are amazing!”

When did it begin?

The first Clap For Our Carers applause began on 26 March 2020 and was a huge success across the UK.

The weekly 8pm applause continued to grow in popularity, with many people taking part each week, uniting communities and public figures.

How did people join in?

People clapped from their doorsteps, balconies, gardens or front rooms at 8pm each week.

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Why was last week the final clap?

Last week saw the final clap take place, as lockdown restrictions begin to be eased throughout the UK.

The Clap For Our Carers website explained: “For nine weeks the community clap has become a huge televised event every Thursday at 8pm, but the final applause (for now) is upon us.

“Thursday 28th May 2020 marks the tenth national applause and will be the end in the current run, as lockdown begins to be eased.”

However, there are plans for it to become an annual event in the future with the website adding: “Clap For Our Our Carers will continue to evolve its vision, with plans including an annual national event – Clap For Our Carers Day – taking place on 25th March 2021 (one year on from the first applause).”