Walking Football encourages elderly to play

The first ever Walking Football tournament has been held at the Glasgow Green Football Centre.

Walking Football players assembled at Glasgow Green Football Centre. Picture: John Devlin

The sport was devised to keep people aged over 50 involved with football who may not be able to play the traditional game.

Though based on association football, players are not allowed to run - if they break into a gallop, players concede a free kick to the opposition. This restriction, together with a ban on slide tackles, is aimed at avoiding injuries and allowing the sport to be played by those who are physically disadvantaged.

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Walking Football aims to promote cardiovascular fitness while minimising stress on the body. It also claims to assist participants in maintain an active lifestyle.

Walking Football is played without goalkeepers and is an indoor and outdoor sport.

The pilot event is being run as part of “Good Move”, which is raising the profile of programmes aimed specifically at encouraging people to take up exercise.

Councillor Archie Graham, Chair of Glasgow Life said: “Good Move is highlighting just how many ways there are for people to get active and stay active no matter what their personal circumstances are. Walking Football is a great idea for people who know and love football and who still have a passion to show their flair and skills on the pitch without the physical impact.”