Takeaways fail to curry favour with health lobby

A TAKEAWAY curry with all the extras could include almost three-and-a-half times the maximum recommended daily intake of salt.

The nation's favourite dish accompanied by rice, naan, sag aloo, poppadoms and chutney can contain a "dangerous" 20.5g of salt, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) said.

The recommended daily maximum is 6g.

Cash chairman Professor Graham MacGregor, from the Barts Hospital and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, said: "The shockingly high levels of salt in many of these products mean that many people in the UK are consuming huge amounts of salt when they enjoy a curry.

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"We urge all these manufacturers and providers to reduce their salt content immediately."

Cash nutritionist Katharine Jenner said: "This survey shows salt can be hidden behind all the spices and chilli in your curry."