Smile away your fears with pain-free dentistry

Advances in dentistry mean you no longer need to feel anxious about visiting your dentist.

Everybody knows somebody who is terrified about visiting their dentist.

The childhood nightmare fuel of whirring drills, blinding lights and piercing needles lancing through the gum wall was enough to put many adults off from visiting the dentist as often as they should.

However, if you're one of those people who haven't visited the dentist in a number of years, you may be pleasantly surprised at the leaps and bounds dentistry has made in providing pain-free and minimally invasive dentistry thanks to modern technology.

Vitaliteeth Clinical Director Dr Atif Bashir

Dr Atif Bashir, Clinical Director at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa, says patient anxieties can most commonly be boiled down to a fear of pain, a fear of losing control and anxiety over the total cost of the treatment.

"Dentistry has changed a lot since I was growing up," says Dr. Bashir.

"It was all about function and it wasn't particularly personable.

"In a modern practice it's about treating people and not teeth - that makes for a much better experience for the patient.

"Dentistry in the past was uncomfortable," he says, "but today we're introducing people to the most up-to-date technology to be able to deliver comfortable, pain-free dentistry every time."

To hear more from Dr Bashir on ways Vitaliteeth Dental Spa can alleviate patient anxiety, watch the video above.

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