Most smokers keen to kick the habit

THE vast majority of smokers in the Lothians want to kick the habit, a local charity has said.

They cite better health and financial savings as the main reasons, experts said, but need more support to finally give up.

According to a recent Scottish Government survey, 69 per cent of smokers want to stop, and ASH Scotland said those who do could save up to £2500 each year.

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ASH chief executive Sheila Duffy said: “Many smokers decide to quit and find it easier than they thought it would be.

“There is information online and free telephone advice to help you stop smoking and how to find a stop smoking support service near you.

“You can also ask your family and friends to support you in your attempt to quit.

“If you’re not ready or not able to stop smoking just yet, you can still make a positive resolution to protect your loved ones from second-hand smoke by making your home smoke-free.”