Health and beauty: Cut and colour inc. toner treatment

KELLY Osbourne has, in full Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mode, gone a fetching shade of violet. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are both feeling blue. And let’s not forget Jessie J’s head-turning dip-dye.

Bold colours are the big news in hairdressing and the old options of brunette/blonde/redhead no longer apply, as shades like purple, baby pink and turquoise are now a realistic possibility for those not afraid to get noticed.

It’s a bit of a leap from “my grey roots are starting to show” to “what the heck, do what you like” but I put my boring old head in the hands of Sandy at Hair by JFK, in Edinburgh, and told him to make me look like a star. “Just remember I still have to turn up at the office on Monday,” I added as a proviso.

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The benefit of technology now, thankfully, means these strong colours no longer need to come with a hair health warning, as I was offered a choice of traditional shades or naturally organic ones that contain no ammonia. Then, having made my choice (natural, natch), I was prepped for my new look with an offer of: “Tea? Coffee? Glass of wine? Cider?” It made a refreshing change, though it was probably best to keep a clear head under the circumstances. Anyway, my pot of tea came with a sugar rush courtesy of a baby slice of millionaire’s shortbread.

Sandy decided to keep my current coppery shade, but to lighten it up with some gold highlights then finish off with a strawberry wash. I nodded, struck dumb with the thought of pink hair, as he set to work, first applying layers of a vivid puff candy shade in foils around my head. Then came the base colour – a rich red all over. While it was all cooking, a food menu materialised from the cafe across the road, should I get peckish while I waited. It’s the little things like this that turn what could be a bit of a chore into a real treat.

So when it came time to get rinsed off, my next treat turned out to be a massage chair which rubbed away all my cares while the stylist washed my colour off. Then came the bottle of pink colour, applied all over then left to work its magic.

Job done, next on the agenda was a cut. A new fringe, some layers, and a magical little gadget called Collexia, which is attached to the nozzle of the hairdryer and delivers a boost of shine and protection.

The new me? Well, I look like I was born this way. The result is subtle but vibrant, the cut fabulous, with a glossy shine. I love it. Turns out I really am a pink kind of girl after all. • Hair by JFK, 8 South Clerk Street (0131-662 1555) and 1 Bruntsfield Place (0131-221 9554), both Edinburgh (

• Cut and colour, including toner treatment, Schwarzkopf Color Freeze and Collexia Infusion blow dry, £121.50

Hair by JFK, 8 South Clerk Street (0131-662 1555) and 1 Bruntsfield Place (0131-221 9554), both Edinburgh (