Dental hygiene finding ways to extract patient anxiety

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Dental hygienist Rebecca Faure offers her patients minimally invasive but highly effective treatments at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa.

As a child, you were likely taught how to brush your teeth at an early age, but not everyone shared the same crucial teaching moment.

Rebecca with another happy patient

Rebecca with another happy patient

Even if you were taught the basics of oral health as a child, as the decades roll by it's all too easy to fall in to bad habits when it comes to preserving your dental hygiene and as time ticks away the anxiety about going to your dentist can become an insurmountable hurdle for some.

In the video above you'll meet Rebecca Faure, a dental hygienist at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa. Her patients range from patients who have lapsed in correct dental upkeep to patients who have never been taught correct brushing and are feeling the effects of it later in life.

To help dampen patient anxieties and encourage more people to see their dental hygienist, Rebecca says: "Vitaliteeth has invested in the best technology currently on the market."

So if the long since forgotten memory of high-pitched drilling vibrating through your skull is putting you off visiting the dentist now, you'll be happy to know Vitaliteeth uses the latest in modern technology to minimise the oral discomfort.

Explaining the difference modern equipment has on your experience, Rebecca says: "[During] the typical scale and polish, people feel a lot of pain, they're uncomfortable and some people actually dread seeing their hygienist but this technology has changed all of that.

"Our appointments are minimally invasive but they're highly effective so I'm able to do the best job I can with as little pain as possible and patients leave feeling great about their smile."

Taking care of your teeth and gums has a greater impact on your overall health, says Rebecca.

"By coming to Vitaliteeth for professional cleanings," she says, "patients are going to be able to have their teeth and gums cleaned effectively but also learn how to improve the health of their teeth and gums at home, which will improve their oral health and in turn improve their general health."

To find out more about Rebecca's role as a dental hygienist at Vitaliteeth Dental Spa, see her at work in the video above.