Face coverings become mandatory in Scotland's shops

Changes take place today so that wearing face coverings in Scotland’s shops becomes mandatory

From today, people in Scotland will be required to wear a face covering when entering all shops as they become compulsory.

The First Minister advised of the change last week and urged members of the public to start to wear face coverings ahead of July 10 and get into the habit of wearing them before they became mandatory.

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Before entering shops, Scots must now cover their nose and mouth through a covering such as cloth, or other textiles, through which you can breathe.

Police will be able to issue fines to those who don’t comply.

The Scottish Government has also advised that face coverings should also be worn in other instances when entering enclosed spaces, where physical distancing is more difficult and there is a risk of close contact with multiple people and that it hopes using face coverings will provide an additional layer of protection to lower the risk of coronavirus being transmitted.

Face coverings have already been mandatory on public transport since June 22 which extends to the likes of taxis, private hire cabs, buses, trains, the Glasgow subway, Edinburgh trams, planes and enclosed areas on ferries.

The new rule comes in on the same day as Scotland begins a phased approach into phase three of reducing lockdown measures.

Police will be able to issue fines to those refusing to comply (Picture: Jeff J Mitchell /PA Wire)

Adults are now able to meet in extended groups of 15 outdoors, from up to four other households, with physical distancing from July 10 and

children no longer need to physically distance while indoors.

Additionally, a maximum of eight people from up to three households can meet indoors, again with physical distancing measures in place are also allowed to take place. If physical distancing can be complied with visitors will also be able to stay the night.

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People who are part of non co-habiting couple also no longer need to physically distance.