Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive, 1059 patients have tested positive, Scotland pays tribute to the NHS in #clapforourcarers

Follow the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland – and across the world – in our live blog below

Scottish Government statistics show that there are 1059 positive cases of coronavirus across the country and sadly 33 patients in Scotland who have tested positive have died.

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Latest updates on COVID-19 in Scotland

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Latest updates on COVID-19 in Scotland

Key Events

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus
  • Scotland pays tribute to the NHS in #clapforourcarer
  • 1059 patients have tested positive
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Jeremy Corbyn: Coronavirus proves Labour was right about public spending

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed the UK Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic proves he was “absolutely right” about public spending at last year’s general election.

Full article: More than 1,000 positive cases confirmed in Scotland as death toll reaches 33

Clyde shipyards fall silent as coronavirus halts manual work on naval contracts

Glasgow’s last two shipyards have fallen silent with manual work on three naval vessels temporarily halted due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Full article: Health secretary Matt Hancock tests positive for coronavirus

UK Health Secretary released a video confirming that he has also tested positive for coronavirus

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has tested positive for Coronavirus

Issue of PPE for frontline health workers: First Minister has said that they have good supplies of PPE but it is the distribution that has been problematic.

Sturgeon: Medics should be free to talk to the media and she would not condone people being told that they are not allowed.

Sturgeons reaction to Boris Johnson: 'I send my very best wished to Boris and his family'

Sturgeon has said that if she should develop symptoms she would take the advice of the Chief Medical Officer.

If significant people show symptoms, they will be tested. These people are those who are vital to government. 

Chief Medical Officer estimates that 65,000 are positive with coronavirus and many may not know that they have it

Sturgeon: 'We're just entering our first weekend in lockdown, although it wont be the last weekend. We must all of us continue to reach out and support each other even as we keep our physical distance from each other. We must continue to do the right thing...this means staying at home.'

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