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Coronavirus in Scotland Live.

Coronavirus in Scotland: August 14

Key Events

  • Six new countries removed from travel exemption list
  • Mandatory for pubs and bars to collect customer details
  • Juries to hear trials in cinemas
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Sturgeon: “If technology can help us, that’s a good thing"

Ms Sturgeon said the government was considering using an app to alert people when they get too close to one another.

“We are exploring a proximity app right now, based on the same software that is used in the Republic of Ireland but our Test and Protect system is very much based on human beings,” she explained.

"If we can enhance that with technology we will do so but we did not want to make it dependent on untried and untested technology."

Sturgeon on temporary pub structures

"We want businesses to be able to trade and make money, but we have to balance that with the imperative of keeping the virus under control."

Nicola Sturgeon

She said the type of structure was not as important as people following the rules. 

Leitch: “I hope to see Aberdeen cluster numbers start to fall in a week to 10 days"

Professor Jason Leitch on change in quarantine rules

National clinical director Jason Leitch said: “Whether you’re a resident, or a visitor, who’s entering Scotland from outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands the Isle of Man, all of those countries listed in the travel corridor exemptions must provide their journey and contact details on arriving, and they must quarantine for 14 days from the time they arrive in Scotland.

“This applies to people who live here, who are returning here, as well as people visiting here.

“These measures apply irrespective of where you enter the United Kingdom.

“They have been put in place to support our continued efforts to suppress the spread of this virus.”

Nobody’s social life should feel exactly as it was before.

Nicola Sturgeon on new pub restrictions

28 new cases in NHS Grampian Region

Ms Sturgeon said that 28 of the 65 new cases announced on Friday are in the Grampian area, with a total of 198 cases linked to the “very large and complex” outbreak in Aberdeen.

She said: “Since July 26, there have been a total of 328 cases identified in Grampian and as of now we believe that 198 of these are associated with the cluster linked to Aberdeen pubs.

“1,032 contacts have now been identified from these 198 cases, contact tracing continues for what remains a very large and very complex outbreak.

“I’m very grateful to our health teams and our test and protect teams.

“I think it’s clear from the numbers I’ve just given that we will continue to see new cases and new contracts identified in Aberdeen in the coming days, but we are hopeful that this is an outbreak that will be brought firmly under control.”

Humza Yousaf: “no simple solution to problem of trials"

Jury trials will take place remotely in cinema complexes across Scotland, Mr Yousaf said. £5.5 million has been set aside to help fund the new trial format. 

Mr Yousaf said new plans for juries to be able to watch trials remotely in cinemas will “substantially increase the capacity available for trials to take place”.

He said the Lord Justice General had agreed to “take forward, a groundbreaking and innovative approach that will create remote jury centres, based in cinema complexes” following a successful trial run in Edinburgh.

Mr Yousaf thanked people working in the justice system for their “flexibility”, adding: “We must be clear about the challenge that still exists – there still will be a backlog that we’ll have to work through.”

Sturgeon: “House parties pose a real risk"

Ms Sturgeon reiterated that no more than eight people from three separate households can meet indoors - and must stay two metres apart. She said the rules may be “a pain”, but inisted that “house parties…post a real risk”.

Sturgeon: No background music in pubs and bars

Ms Sturgeon said the government was working on plans to develop an “acceptable decibel level” for music in venues, but said it will “not be simple”. In the meantime, she said, “there should be no background music in pubs and restaurants.”

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