Case Study: GP Plantscape, Lanark

BACK in October 2011, at the Lanarkshire Healthy Working Lives (HWL) Ceremony, landscaping firm GP Plantscape not only received a hard-earned Silver Award, but the company was also presented with a Special Achievement in the Best Workplace Award.

This award was the first of its kind and was a great accolade acknowledging all the firm’s efforts.

GP Plantscape began working towards the Healthy Working Lives Awards in January 2010, and gained the Bronze Award in September 2010

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The HWL group is made up of a variety of volunteer employees who bring their own unique qualities, viewpoints and valued contributions. The events organised by the group not only raise awareness but also build contact between people who might not normally meet.

Better morale has had knock-on benefits in areas such as smoking cessation and reduced sickness absence. Information, support and advice on a number of topics and the variety of events have all helped provide something for everyone while raising money for charity.

“Our success in events, quiz participation, positive feedback from colleagues and our recent awards brings our HWL group the confidence and determination to go for Gold, “ says Margaret Kennedy, HR Manager.

“GP Plantscape as a company is very proud of the Healthy Working Lives group achievement and the benefits their activities bring to all employees. Their achievement highlights our commitment to investing in all our employees through personal and professional development, and not purely through traditional training routes,” adds Kennedy.

GP Plantscape’s ethos as a company is highly focused on the health and wellbeing of its employees. It has provided both finances and time for team members and employees to support Healthy Working Lives events and it provides prizes as well as encouraging participation.

“The company believes these achievements and initiatives encourage team building and develop confidence while encouraging healthier lifestyles without preaching,” says Kennedy. “These benefits not only enhance the individual’s wellbeing and working lives but also contribute positively to the company as a whole.

“External validation through the Healthy Working Lives Awards acknowledges the extensive efforts of the HWL group and highlight GP Plantscape’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of all staff.”