Scotland’s youngest MND sufferer raises £100k to help others

Lucy Lintott, 21, Scotland's youngest MND patient, pictured on a  'bucket list' trip to Stonehenge.
Lucy Lintott, 21, Scotland's youngest MND patient, pictured on a 'bucket list' trip to Stonehenge.
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Lucy Lintott, 21, has struck one of the biggest challenges off her bucket list just two years after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

She raised the massive sum of £100,000 thanks to the help of the small Moray community where she lives - as well the support of complete strangers.

Lucy collects the target-smashing cheque for �11,391 this week

Lucy collects the target-smashing cheque for �11,391 this week

Lucy’s story caught the hearts of many in the village of Garmouth where numerous fundraisers have been launched for her chosen charity, MND Scotland.

But it was a surprise donation from staff at Marathon Oil in Aberdeen that took her to the £100,000 mark.

She was unaware that a team of employees in the firms finance and accounting group - led by Ryan Baillie, an old friend and neighbour - had raised more than £11,000 with the sum only revealed when she went to collect the cheque this week.

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People’s support has been overwhelming and I feel very honoured

Lucy Lintott, 21, MND sufferer

Lucy said: “When I found out how much they had raised, I found it really hard not to cry. I knew I had reached the target.

“People’s support has been overwhelming and I feel very honoured as well that my community and these companies have got behind me and helped me.

“I don’t think it has really sunk in that this is how far I have got. I think I will still keep fundraising but I don’t think I will raise my target. I am just so happy to have got to the £100,000.

“MND Scotland has really helped me and helped so many others, that I just want to give something back and help them carry on the work that they do.”

Lucy was just 19 when she received the diagnosis of the condition she had never heard of.

Determined not to let the condition beat her, the fundraising mission was launched to raise £100,000 and formed part of her bucket list of things to do while she could still enjoy them.

Other challenges now ticked off the list include going to the opera - now a new passion - flying a helicopter and visiting Australia and America.

There are still another 20 or so missions to complete but one causing great excitement at the moment is attending a concert by her favourite country music star, Miranda Lambert.

Lucy said: “The fundraising has been a big part of my life up until now, but so has everything to do with MND.”

Larry Seidel, controller at Marathon Oil UK, said everything from cake sales, to raffles, a race night and a sponsored virtual walk to Moscow and back - where staff took 10 million steps during July - helped raise the funds.

Mr Seidel said staff had voted to support Lucy’s efforts as its annual charity.

He added: “Right now in the oil and gas industry we are going through some challenging times but the way we see it, some people have far more difficult challenges ahead. We were very excited to have raised enough money to get Lucy to her £100,000 target.”

Iain McWhirter, Head of Fundraising and Volunteering at MND Scotland, said, the charity could not be “more proud of Lucy and excited for her.”

He said: “To pass her £100,000 target, and tick another item off her bucket list, is a stunning achievement. We really can’t thank Lucy enough for sharing her story and inspiring so many people to get involved.

“Another of Lucy’s bucket list items is ‘to make a difference in at least one person’s life’. Lucy’s incredible fundraising efforts will provide care and support to people living in Scotland with MND, so she has already made a huge difference to the lives of so many.

“Lucy really is one of a kind, and a true inspiration for us all.”