Bearsden salon raises money for brave Ellie

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A beauty salon in Bearsden have raised more than £4,000 so a local girl can go on her dream holiday after she finishes life-saving cancer treatment

Sangeeta Sharma, who runs Beauty Zone, was inspired to fundraise after her employee told her Ellie Monaghan’s inspiring story.

Together with her employees and husband, Sangeeta organised a family fun day which saw generous individuals part with £4,178.

This time last year, Ellie was just a normal nine-year-old girl. She was fit and healthy and regularly attended dance and swimming classes, exercised with her mum Angela and played outside their home in Dalmuir.

It wasn’t until Angela noticed bruising on Ellie’s legs that things changed. She explains: “I just put it down to her being quite active and playful but when the bruises didn’t go away, I thought I’ll take her to the doctors to get them checked.

“That was at 10.30am on the 12th of August and the diagnosis was confirmed by midnight. I was completely numb.”

Unfortunately due to gruelling chemotherapy Ellie is unable to go to school and now has a feeding tube in her nose for food and medicine as she is unable to eat normally. The youngster also has a central line in her chest permanently to administer chemo and any other medicine.

“She cries a lot asking why this has happened to her, and you can’t explain that it’s just our bad luck. It’s heartbreaking watching your child going through this treatment and, although the outcome is better today than years ago, I still worry that she’ll be the five per cent that can’t be completely cured. Her life before is gone, but hopefully it will return.”

Ellie has already undergone two blocks of chemotherapy which has killed some of the leukaemia cells but not all. As her white cell count is so low, she was unable to start a new regime last month due to the risk of infection.

Despite going through a hardship of her own, selfless Ellie donated 60 per cent of her hair to the Little Princess Foundation to make a wig for others in need.

“I thought that was amazing as her hair was her pride and joy”, Mum Angela said.

Ellie’s friends from school and dance class, as well as friends and family joined the fundraiser to send her and her mum on a well deserved holiday.

Attendees were invited to pamper themselves with hair and beauty treatments on offer courtesy of the Beauty Zone.

Angela said: “Sangeeta organised absolutely everything. When they advised me about their plan to try and raise funds to help Ellie when she is able to travel abroad I cried. I couldn’t believe the kindness and commitment they showed - they’re two of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever met. I was so overwhelmed.”

Although Ellie won’t be able to jet off until two years after her diagnosis, her mum says the school girl already has her mind set on something special.

“We used to do a lot of travelling but that’s not possible anymore. We’re thinking about Florida but Ellie told me the other day that she would rather go on a few different holidays. She’s mentioned Turkey and Ibiza!”

“The money isn’t exclusively for a holiday, it will also be used in case Ellie desperately needs something.”

Ellie’s fundraiser is likely to be the first of many philanthropic endeavors by Sangeeta and her husband who are already thinking about their next project.