SSPCA caring for python found abandoned on doorstep

The 7ft long python was dumped on a doorstep
The 7ft long python was dumped on a doorstep
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A seven-foot-long carpet python has been found abandoned in a street in North Lanarkshire.

Kaa the snake was left in a box at a doorstep in Imperial Drive in Airdrie and is now cared for by the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA).

Bill Little, senior inspector at the Scottish SPCA, said: “Kaa is in good condition so he seems to have been well cared for until now, however we are keen to trace the person responsible for leaving him there as abandoning an animal is an offence.

“Leaving him in this way was very cruel as snakes need heat to survive and he would have soon perished had he not been found.

“The finder has reptiles of his own, so we think that is why someone chose to dump Kaa on this particular doorstep.”

The reptile was named Kaa after the character in the Jungle Book, who is also a python.

The SPCA is asking anyone who has information about the abandoned animal to call 03000 999 999.

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