New £3.2m fund to help Malawi deal with climate change

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A new £3.2 million scheme will help communities in Malawi tackle the impact of climate change.

Charity Sciaf will deliver the three-year Climate Change Programme Malawi to improve access to food, water and energy.

Staff will work with locals in southern Malawi to find out about the climate challenges faced there and focus on creating long-term change, helping the most vulnerable, including women and girls, and promoting human rights.

Scottish Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announced the Government funding ahead of attending an international conference at the Vatican which addresses ecological challenges.

She said: "It is our moral responsibility to do what we can to help tackle the effects of climate change, as unpredictable weather is devastating the lives of some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

"This £3.2 million fund will work with communities in southern Malawi to come up with ways of adapting to severe storms, floods and droughts, ensuring people have access to basic essentials we take for granted, such as food and water."

Sciaf director Alistair Dutton said: "Millions of the poorest people in the world are suffering terribly from climate change, despite them having done least to cause the problem.

"Increasingly erratic weather makes it incredibly hard for small scale farmers to know when to plant their seeds, while more frequent and severe floods, drought and storms can wipe out their crops overnight, leaving them hungry and forced to leave their homes.

"This programme will help vulnerable communities in southern Malawi cope with the climate challenges they face by increasing the food, water and clean energy they have.

"I've no doubt this programme will help change the lives of many poor and vulnerable Malawians for the better."