Michael McEwan: Cerebral Palsy support is vital

The Bobath centre
The Bobath centre
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THERE are a lot of different disability organisations in Scotland that do a lot of good work - but many go unrecognised.

This is true of a charity call Bobath Scotland, set up to support people with Cerebral Palsy.

Their primary purpose is to work to improve the lives of people in Scotland living with Cerebral palsy, the most common cause of physical disability in childhood, it is a lifelong condition of which there is no cure.

I have Cerebral Palsy, so I went up to their Glasgow HQ, a Therapy Centre based at Craighall in Glasgow, to get an insight on their operation.

Bobath provide vital specialist therapy for children and adults, support families and provide training for professionals so their therapy and support network can be integrated into every day life.

The Bobath approach enhances an individual’s mobility, communication and independent living skills and overall their quality of life.

Example of the type of service there offer are ;

Blocks of intensive therapy for Children and families regular therapy.

Self - management groups for older children at key transition stages .

Adult therapy , with cross organisation support services for families and those with CP, as well as signposting to other services for people with CP.

Training for health and education professionals in caring and supporting people with CP. Outreach therapy for families and professional

Here are some facts about the condition;

Two in three people with CP are able to walk but many need a walking aids.

One in four is unable to talk , one in two has learning difficulties.

One in four has epilepsy , and sadly three in four battle with pain every day.

Schools are a vital part of the Bobath Scotland community, teachers and classrooms assistants come to the centre to gain greater awareness about cerebral palsy and work with therapists in understanding the condition of children in their care.

Children are most keen to learn more about the ways different people live and how bodies work so talking about cerebral palsy raises most public awareness.

The charity also provides lesson plans and resources , delivering workshops on vital fundraising days , and building in some work with Bobath Scotland into the curriculum.

Some of the projects they run are;

Right Start - Bobath has received Big Lottery funding for last five years to deliver the a project for young, children with CP between the ages of two - six years old.

This project will support children and their families , in preparing them for the transition into starting school. The project’s objective are two fold : focussing on the child , and the family around the child.

Bobath Buddies - this is a club for primary age children , the aim is to give children an opportunity to try new activity , make new friends , and have fun.

Bobath Scotland is an independent Scottish Charity originally founded 20 years ago by a group of parents of children with Cerebral palsy who didn’t want to have to go to London to find specialist help to keep the service going they need to raise over 80% of there annual income from private sources they are a small charity and every penny counts,so the charity holds different fundraising events to find out more about the difference work they do go to their website - www.bobathscotland.org.uk.