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Companies like Codebase in Edinburgh are keeping Scotland on top of the tech boom Picture by Jane Barlow
Companies like Codebase in Edinburgh are keeping Scotland on top of the tech boom Picture by Jane Barlow
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TECHNOLOGY is a rapidly expanding industry in Scotland, with the opening of CodeClan, a new coding school, and the rapid expansion of Code Base. IT is very easy to lose track of what’s going on, so do yourself a favour and follow these top Twitters to always stay in the know.

CodeClan @CodeClanScot

CodeClan is a new coding school that has just opened in Edinburgh. So what better way to keep up to date on any latest technological news than with the school. Covering local, national and international events, they are more than just a regular school.

The Data Lab @DataLabScotland

The Data Lab works on collaborations between industry, public sector and universities, using the common interest of data science. By providing resources and funding to kick-start projects, they aim to develop the local ecosystem by building a cohesive data science community.

Digital Scotland @digitalscots

They have a four fold ambition: working towards building a Scotland where people have access to the best digital technology; helping businesses to have the skills and confidence to use digital technology; supporting econimic growth in the economy and making Scotland into an attractive place for investment in digital technology.

ScotTech Engagement @scot_tech
ScotTech have created a forum for people to share and engage with technology. By coming together in collaboration, they hope to exchange and drive knowledge in a community setting.

CodeBase @CodebaseTech

CodeBase is the largest technology incubator in the UK, and one of the fastest growing in Europe. Their mission is to build and grow tech companies through mentorship and investment.

Neil Logan @neil_logan

As chairman of The Data Lab, Neil Logan is always up to date with what’s going on in the tech world, both in Scotland and all over the world.

Pivot Edinburgh @pivotEDI
Pivot is a blog that covers all things startup, technology and lifestyle within Edinburgh. Passionate about the growing technology scene, thair aim is to showcase the very best of what it means to startup, work in, and invest in an Edinburgh tech startup.