Three new mobile apps to download this week

Three apps you should download this week
Three apps you should download this week
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IF YOUR smartphone selection has grown a little stale, then check out these three new mobile applications.


Ever wanted to be a graphic designer? Well now’s your chance. Assembly is a new app which will help you create anything you can imagine like beautiful logos, characters, icons and illustrative scenes immediately.

Designing something beautiful is as easy as placing pre-made shapes on the screen. The artwork you create can be exported as high resolution images or vector objects that can be blown up to any size.

£1.99, iTunes only


The to-do list that helps you form good habits. With the ability to choose up to six tasks you want to turn into daily habits, by working on something every day Streaks will help you achieve that goal. Choose which days you want to achieve these tasks - or all week for a daily activity, and compete with yourself to turn it into a habit. Tasks vary from walking the dog, taking 5,000 steps per day and flossing your teeth.

£2.99, Apple only


A digital memory companion, capable of storing photos, videos, posts, notes, thoughts, addresses, contacts and maps all in one location. Create albums and share them so other people can edit. Import all posts from social media sites to one place, staying up to date with your dashboard.

Free, Apple only