Prediction search engine Resurfacr launched

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WEBSITE allows users to be reminded of predictions that were made in the past, to see if they’ve come true.

Resurfacr allows users to upload predictions and be reminded when their outcomes are due.

“There is nothing better than reading a prediction with the benefit of hindsight,” said Resurfacr founder Giulio Saggin.

He said: “We’ve all been there. We hear a commentator make a prediction about our football team, we read a prediction about the economy, or we see a politician on the nightly news telling us what they will do. We make a mental note to remember what they said, but invariably we forget. Now Resurfacr takes care of that.”

Resurfacr has thousands of predictions from all around the world covering topics from sport to finance, politics to technology. Formerly a resident in Scotland, the Australian founder said: “The subject doesn’t matter.
“Resurfacr has predictions from anyone. One of my favourites is the human cyborg who has an antenna attached to his skull and predicts he will have a permanent connection to the sounds of the colours of space.

“And then there are the classics, like Alexander Graham Bell predicting that one day there will be a telephone in every town in America.”

Mr Saggin believes Resurfacr can be used as an innovative tool to hold people to account.
He said: “Politicians are always making predictions. Now you can hold them, and others, accountable. Journalists, especially, like this. Resurfacr can be a valuable tool in their arsenal.”

The site allows its members to comment on predictions and rate the accuracy of those predictions that have passed their due date.

“Members can join in the online conversation and become part of the Resurfacr community,” said Mr Saggin. “And anyone can read the Resurfacr blog and sign up for the monthly newsletter.”

The response so far has been positive.