Most annoying Scots mobile phone habits revealed

Picture:  Greg Macvean
Picture: Greg Macvean
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TALKING loudly on public transport has been voted the most common annoying mobile phone habit by the Scottish population, with 64% of votes.

This beat ‘friends who continue to use their mobile in social situations’ with 60% and ‘playing loud music on mobile phones’ with 51%.

The new online survey of over 2000 UK adults by reveals “text speak” in other communications (for example using “u” instead of “you” when e-mailing) is classed as an annoying habit by 42%. While 34% find texting while walking irritating.

The Scots’ eagerness to keep their friends in the loop doesn’t always go down well, the survey showed, as 32% of respondents find ‘constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games’ annoying.

As a result has created ‘Smartphone Dumb Users’ to reflect those annoying routines, allowing for people to name and shame their friends. More habits including Selfie takers and dinner snappers can be found here for users to experience

Following on, only 4% said they don’t find any mobile phone habits annoying, which proves the majority of Scots get annoyed by mobile phone users and these are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Speaking loudly on mobile phones when on public transport (64%)

2. Friends who continue using their mobile phones while in social situations (60%)

3. Playing loud music on mobile phones (51%)

4. Using “text speak” in other communications (e.g. using “u” instead of “you” when emailing) (42%)

5. Constantly updating a location on social media (40%)

6. Texting whilst walking (34%)

7. Phone “snobbery” (i.e. people who strongly argue one phone’s merit over another) (32%)

8. Constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games (32%)

9. Taking/Sharing Selfies (29%)

10. Taking/Sharing photos of food (26%)