Glasgow marine engineering firm Cleanship Solutions eyes growth

The south rotunda which is home to Cleanship Solutions. Picture: submitted
The south rotunda which is home to Cleanship Solutions. Picture: submitted
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A company based in an iconic symbol of Glasgow's shipbuilding past is positioning itself for the future by helping  to cut harmful emissions from ships.

Located in the South Rotunda on the south bank of the River Clyde, Cleanship Solutions, part of the Malin Group, is a marine consultancy helping shipowners comply with upcoming international marine regulations.

Managing director Chris McMenemy. Picture: submitted

Managing director Chris McMenemy. Picture: submitted

The Glasgow firm is market leader in the feasibility analysis, design and installation of a device called a scrubber which helps remove harmful gases.

The company says it will continue to grow over the next year with continued additions to headcount planned and a substantial increase in turnover targeted.

Managing director Chris McMenemy said: “A scrubber is a piece of machinery which cleans exhaust gas of dangerous chemicals such as sulphur dioxide.

“Cleanship Solutions are helping an ever growing number of shipowners install scrubbers as part of their strategy for complying with the upcoming sulphur cap set by the maritime industries’ governing body; the International Maritime Organisation.”

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The Clyde-based firm, which has 20 scrubber retrofits on its books, is actively recruiting new members of staff.

This year has already seen Cleanship Solutions take on four new employees, three of those graduate Naval Architects from the University of Strathclyde.

“Having access to talented and passionate employees is key to the ongoing success of the business,” Mr. McMenemy said.

“It is also important to have people who buy into the brand values of the company, and this is something we are proud to talk about and think we do well. At Cleanship Solutions our purpose is to be the shipowners’ trusted advocate and this is demonstrated through our core values of remaining impartial and striving to be the go to source for compliance related advice.

“With the addition of our new staff, it sends a signal to existing and new clients around the world that we are ready to help them prepare for compliance in this challenging time for shipping.”

Cleanship Solutions also assists shipowners in retrofitting ballast water treatment facilities – a system which removes invasive species from ballast water – and preparing Inventories of Hazardous Materials.