Gadget Review: Verbatim GT Portable Hard Drive with USB 3

The Verbatim GT Portable Hard Drive is inspired by the famous GT sports car
The Verbatim GT Portable Hard Drive is inspired by the famous GT sports car
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Verbatim released their new ‘GT portable Hard Drive’ range. Taking inspiration from the famous GT sports car, the hard drive features the same legendary white racing stripes and glossy paint job (in red or blue). On the rear of the drive, just like the rear of a sports car there is a set of red brake lights which indicate data transfer (by flickering).

Living up to its GT persona – the GT offers user’s turbo-charged data transfer rates of up to USB 3.0. You can choose between 1TB (£79.99) or 500 GB (£59.99) both formatted FAT 32 for popular operating systems – Windows and MAC OS.

The included software bundle offers a comprehensive back up suite, Nero BackItUp and Burn Essentials for Windows users while MAC users select the built in OS ‘Time Machine’ software. Both software solutions offer folder monitoring and scheduled back-up of your data.

Data recovery software comes by way of Nero Rescue for Windows – so if you ever need to recover damaged files, Rescue will do a very good job of restoring them. There is a write protection button located to the rear of the drive, which stops any mistaken deletion of files, which is very handy. There are three energy saving modes to control power options. This allows powering down the drive or suspending to sleep mode to conserve power and extend the life of the drive (by reducing the amount of times the disc spins).

The drive fits neatly into the pocket, measures 195mm x 121mm x 33mm (L x W x H) can be used for video recording. This feature enables users to record programmes to the drive directly connected to a TV via USB and pause live TV. With USB Recording, an external USB hard drive becomes the replacement of a HDD/DVD recorder or even a VHS video recorder - very handy.

There’s not much one can say about an external hard disc other than, it stores data. So, If you are looking for a quaint gift for the computer geek in the family (we all have one), then the GT is perfect.