'Robo-finger' massage device debuts in Edinburgh offices

An Edinburgh healthcare company has debuted its handy “next generation” robotic physiotherapy device designed to relieve back pain.

The BackHug has 24 'robo-fingers' which focus on the centre of the back. Picture: Contributed
The BackHug has 24 'robo-fingers' which focus on the centre of the back. Picture: Contributed

Pacla Medical, founded by former Hyundai engineer-turned-physiotherapist Chongsu Lee, has pioneered BackHug, a massage device which uses so-called “robo-finger” technology.

BackHug has already been installed at Aberdeen Standard Investments in Edinburgh, and will this week be rolled out to Royal Bank of Scotland’s Drummond House office. A further 15 UK installations are planned before Christmas.

The device, based on a physiotherapy technique developed by Lee to treat patients with chronic illnesses, will be installed in private cubicles where it can be booked and paid for by staff using a mobile app.

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    Former Hyundai engineer-turned-physiotherapist Chongsu Lee founded Pacla Medical. Picture: Contributed

    With back tension estimated to impact around 65 per cent of the adult population each month, Lee believes his technology - which has had backing from the Scottish Government - could improve many lives.

    Lee said: “Automated massage technologies have been around since the 1950s, but they haven't evolved from their basic concept. What we want to do is revolutionise the sector by using technology that offers high quality massage on demand at an affordable price.”

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